“Lead Arm Through Trainer”

*How to use

We have found that tennis balls or rag balls are the best to work with and give you the most consistent feedback at contact point but we highly recommend making tennis balls your first choice to use when working with the Lead Arm Through Trainer.
(Please make sure to hit training balls that weigh 3oz. or less)

Also remember to never use hardball’s as the Lead Arm Through trainer is not designed to hit hard balls and will be damaged.
Use the Lead Arm Through trainer during regular flip drills or short toss-

The trainer has proven to be a very productive device for a hitting station or pre game reps

The Lead Arm through Trainer is extra light weight and comes in three different sizes
– Adult size #1 – 27” long – 18 oz. in weight
– Adult size #2 – 29” long – 20 oz. in weight
– And we have 1 youth size at – 23” long – 16 oz. in weight

Explanation of Lead Arm Through Trainer

The impact surface of the trainer is made from a high density military grade plastic and gives immediate feedback when the hitter is not hitting the ball square. The square horizontal metal piece attached to the trainer is called the Thumb press…..it was designed to give the hitter a natural feel of control while attempting to stay inside, flat and against the ball during the process of pre contact,  impact,  as well as  the post contact factor of getting through the ball. This controlled process happens due to a natural erect or locking occurrence of the wrist and lead arm hand when pressing the thumb against the thumb press. The thumb press also gives the hitter immediate feedback when the lead wrist or elbow is not staying consistent. The proper way to hold the trainer is to simply place your fingers in the finger grooves, wrap your thumb around the pole and push it against the thumb press. The design creates a natural grip for your hand when holding as it simulates holding a bat with your bottom hand.

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