Product Polices


​Eli’s Springback Tee offers a one year warranty on all parts of the tee except our untearable rubber cone. Our untearable rubber cone has a life time warranty on the cone area that holds the ball. The warranty reassures that the rubber cone will not tear for the life of the tee. If the rubber cone tears or rips at anytime while doing tee work please contact us and we will replace the defective rubber cone by sending you a brand new stem at no charge.

Please note that we will first ask you to send back any damaged parts of the tee that are in question of being replaced to allow the Springback Tee staff to give a full inspection and assure that no misuse or deliberate intent caused the damage.

Just ship it back to us at:
Eli’s Springback Tee
1225 Channahon Road
Suite 15
Joliet, IL 60436​

Rare stipulations may occur when there is misuse/improper care of the product; such as strikes at the pole which could form dents and will jam the telescoping ability or left in the rain/snow causing corrosion.

If there is possible misuse, improper care or you are not sure your stem is covered under the warranty please call us at 815.605.9333. We will be happy to assist you.

Shipping – it usually takes 4 to 5 business days to receive your Springback Tee after purchase.  However, due to occasional high volume orders, it could take up to 7 to 10 business days. Due to the limitations of the PayPal shopping cart, shipping rates are only available for the online purchases of up to 4 items, please call or email us for a shipping quote of over 4 items, we can combine to get you the best cost.

​Refund/Return policy – Eli’s Springback Tee has a no refund policy after purchase. This policy  stands for any tee that was received as intended and is in good working condition. The customer may return and exchange for a different size or product if they choose to do so.