Texas Christian University
Associate Head Coach
TCU Baseball

“After coaching at the collegiate and professional levels for the past 29 years.

 The Eli’s Springback Tees truly allow us to develop our hitter through numerous repetitions because of its consistent durability and tremendous functionality.

Because of this we are sure to buy 8 new tees before each fall begins.




Troy Buckley

Long Beach State Dirtbags
Troy Buckly Professional Baseball
“We need a tee that is functional, versatile and durable due to the quantity and specific drills we take.

Eli’s Springback Tee

meets all of our needs”



a756e356f5e4a090f4837814bb31aa5bMike Smith

Head Softball Coach
McNeese University

“The Eli Springback Tee is a great hitting device for athletes of all ages. I have gone through a number of tees over the past 15 years coaching college softball, from the hard plastic tees that damaged bats to the poorly made flimsy tees that lasted only a month.  I have spent countless dollars trying different tees and

the Springback Tee is, by far the most durable and functional tee I have ever seen or used

It’s assembly and breakdown make it easy to use and travel with.  Our players and coaches love it and you will too.  It will be the last tee that you ever purchase.


Marc Rardin

Head Baseball Coach
Iowa Western CC
3 National Championships in 5 year span.
9 World Series in past 13years
Multiple top 10 national finishes in Team Batting Average
 “I first purchased the Eli’s Springback Tee many years ago.  Since that time, it is the only Tee that Iowa Western Baseball uses.  We have had great success nationally as a northern juco baseball program.  A lot of that success is due to our countless practices and how much our team hits.  The Eli Springback Tee has a lot to do with that success. If you want to practice and work on your skill set, you need the best equipment possible.

“I haven’t seen or used a better hitting tee out there than the Eli’s Springback Tee”